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Legends of the Bawl has earned its positive reputation because we go out of our way to provide truly exceptional service to each of our customers. We understand that your needs can change last minute, and we’re ready to adapt our services quickly to ensure your success. Read on to learn more about what we can do for you.

We specialize in Bear, Mountain Lion, Elk, Deer, Turkey, and Predator Hunting. We will also do Antelope, Oryx, and other game animals upon request. 


Hounds, spot and stalk, calling black bears and bear dogs are my favorite Hound hunt.  It is always a challenge, mentally and physically.  It will make you mad, sad, and happy.  It will test your patience and pull on your pride.  You will see me mad, scared, and maybe sad as this is by far one of the most dangerous and costly hunts we offer.  I made a promise to a man the night before he passed and as long as there is a breath of air in my lungs, I will chase bears with hounds.  I will love this game he cherished with all he had.  If you choose this hunt with me, understand a ghost and a legend are likely to tag along.  He will bless us or prank us!

Base hunt: $3,500+tax per Hunter

August GMU 9&10

September 25-November 30th (depending on quota) 


Mountain lion hunts are extremely hard, no bullshit.  Moisture is key to success.  Hunters, guide, and hounds must be in top physical condition.  Lions leave little to no scent behind and can cover a lot of country in a day.  Snow covered ground makes it a lot easier and quicker.  It also can make for the most uncomfortable hunt you could imagine.  Wet, frozen, cold, and grouchy.  Your safety is my first priority, happiness is second.  Dry ground is a little harder but more fun.  It also has the lowest chance of a filled tag.  Choose wisely.  I will never turn down a hunt; wet, cold or otherwise!

Lion hunts are 7 day hunts, 9 days total.

Base hunt:  $4,000+tax per Hunter



I started predator hunting and trapping in middle school.  I became obsessed with calling predators.  The adrenaline rush is off the charts!  Understand that you are calling in an animal and it is coming to eat you!....YEAH EAT YOU!!!!!  Bring your pacemaker, your heart will skip a beat or more.  Anything is possible on these hunts.  Any critter can show up to the call so be ready.  What was that sound?  A bear, maybe a lion, or was it just a mouse?

Day and week-long adventures are custom-built one contract at a time and have too much information and details to list here.  Please call or email with what your specific needs and wants are and I will work to build it for you at a price we can both agree on.


Hunts based on a state drawing system and are planned as draw is successful.  If you draw a hunt and need help, please feel free to contact us.  If you want to be placed in the 10% drawing pool using our Outfitter number, it will require $500 deposit plus license fees.  I will fill out all paperwork and submit it.  If you are unsuccessful the state will reimburse license fees minus paperwork processing fees.  If you are successful on the draw, half the hunt is due and remainder must be paid 30 days prior to hunt.

Elk hunts

Draw Forest Base hunt:  $4,500+tax

GMU 15-17, 21-24.


Deer hunts

Draw Forest Base hunt:  $3,500+tax

GMU 15-17, 20-25. 


Family hunting, fishing, UTV rides, horseback rides and sightseeing tours can all fit into one of our Family Adventures.  We are committed to making your wishes and dreams a reality, and strive to provide a memorable experience for both hunters and non-hunters in your party.

Prices are available upon request and vary depending on the customized adventure you choose.


Off Range Oryx hunts GMU 18&20 
5 days $4000+tax